Mid-Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Growers Association

Membership and Contact

Membership is limited to 50 members per year with a $25 annual dues payable at the fall weigh-in or by mail using our membership form (Click HERE for Membership form), from the last Saturday in Sept until Jan 1. Membership fee includes entry fee to each year’s weigh-off. Our seed packet typically contains at least 1 seed each from a 1700+ pound pumpkin grown from one of our members, and packets always contain an excellent sampling of seeds from dark orange and round shaped pumpkins, watermelons, giant squash and field pumpkins. Our weigh-off site average is now over 1400 pounds per pumpkin for the top 10 entries, so expect these seed packs to be world class year after year!

We deliver an annual newsletter featuring detailed pictorial how-to’s for topics like trellis building and tripod construction for lifting 1000+ pound pumpkins in your patch. Each issue has several interviews with the world’s top growers regarding giant pumpkins, giant watermelons and tomatoes keeping you posted on important advancements and events related to the world of giant pumpkin growing.

We have a summer patch tour and winter growers’ meeting for members within range of Eastern Pennsylvania.

The MAGPG hosts an annual weigh-off (Click HERE for Weigh-off form), at Grim's Orchard